Yoritomo Manzō (born 18 February 3224) is a Terran colonial businessman and yakuza boss. His organization, the Yoritomo Clan Yakuza, is among the largest mercenary groups in the Galaxy and was once among the largest criminal federations prior to the amnesty treaty of 3285. It is presently a confederation of mostly ethnically Japanese and ethnically Chinese colonial gangs. During his time as a crime boss, his organisation was not heavily involved in drug or human trafficking, nor involved in major heists or violent street crime; instead they were heavily involved in financial crimes, extortion rackets, and the illegal firearms trade. This was apparently under the direct instructions of Yoritomo himself, who is known to disdain violence and drugs on a personal level and has made public statements in opposition to the sexual exploitation of women and children. However, discrepancies have been noted by news media; his organisation has been implicated in several assassinations, and his legitimate business include a chain of brothels on several worlds.

During and after the Pirate War, Yoritomo confessed to the activities of his organisation and divulged information regarding the criminal and terrorist activities of the Yellow Jackets. In exchange, he and his organisation were granted executive clemency. Yoritomo was never brought to trial for his activities. After the conflict, his organisation became a charter member of the Honourable Galactic Corsair Company, a federation of mercenary and privateer organisations.

Prior to his interstellar criminal career, Yoritomo was primarily a businessman and criminal chief on the planet Keystone who had significant business interests both on his homeworld and on other planets in the fields of financial services, interstellar trade, and the sex industry. After the Keystone Incident, he briefly entered the race for the office of planetary governor but dropped out before the election to focus on his business interests offworld. It is believed by crime historians that his offworld interests were primarily in growing his control and influence over other yakuza groups. His rapid rise in controlling that segment of the interstellar underworld is noted as remarkable, having gained complete control over the Outer Colonies yakuza in less than five years.

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