The Yellow Jackets were an infamous and powerful space pirate guild that existed between the late 3250s and the mid 3280s. The organisation began as a group of space pirates affiliated with the Dragon Syndicate, operating as an associated gang in the 3250s and early 3260s in Terran space. After the collapse of the Dragon Syndicate in 3270, the Yellow Jackets absorbed several gangsters dispersing from the collapse. The Yellow Jackets swelled into a large and potent force, mainly involved with spacecraft theft, merchant raiding, financial crime, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, and human and alien trafficking. They grew in size and power throughout the 3270s and into the 3280s. However, at their peak of power and reach, they became embroiled in a massive feud with several other space pirate groups, mercenary companies, and eventually came into conflict with the Union government and armed forces. The Pirate War led to the gradual destruction of the group, which mostly disbanded in the middle of 3285. A few skirmishes continued by Yellow Jacket holdouts through the year, but the group effectively ceased to exist by 3286.

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