Wallerstein is a populous and important orbital habitat cluster in orbit around the planet Kolossen in the Edel System at the planet's L1 Lagrange point. Kolossen is a roughly Jupiter-sized gas giant. Despite its relative isolation, its placement for much of its history within the Inner Colonies has made Wallerstein an important commercial hub.

Founded in 2703 as part of the Crown Colony of Kolossen in the Terran Empire, Wallerstein was originally settled by a group of 10,000 individuals. It grew into a bustling orbital metropolis of several million people by the time of the transition from the Terran Empire to the new Republic. It currently has a population of 21,482,584 people. Its twin orbital city, Rothstein at Kolossen's L3 point, has a population half the size despite being the star system's administrative capital. As with most Island-Three type orbital colonies, Wallerstein houses its population in two 32-kilometer long cylinders with a habitable surface area of 352 km2.

In large part due to the political influence, philanthropic efforts, and economic investments of the McGrady family, Wallerstein grew over the centuries to become a center for art, culture, business, and technology. Its primary industries are service and technology-based, including information technology, pharmaceuticals, engineering services, and finance. One of the largest industrial and business conglomerates in the Galaxy, the McGrady Corporation, is headquartered in Wallerstein. The city houses several research institutions, private hospitals, and presigious universities, all of which benefit from large grants and donations by the McGrady Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization presided over by Anne-Marie McGrady that is also headquartered in Wallerstein. As a result, the city enjoys a high standard of living uncommon of orbital colonies.









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