Captain General Sir Victor Valentinian Peiper, KMT KGE GCIC OV OM (born 13 August 3239) is a State Security general officer and field commander most noted for his leadership of armoured and mobile forces against insurrectionists and pirates during the late 3270s and through the 3280s. Prior to his formal government service, he was famed for his combat service in the Great War as the leader of a field brigade of the National Volunteer Force. Since 3271 he has been an officer of the State Security Forces. Most recently he has become decorated for his command of Security troops in the Magellanic War. He has also served twice as the Chief of Staff to the Director-General and Chief of Operations, first from 3285 after the death of Brian Kessar until his transfer to the Magellanic theatre in 3288, and again between 3291 and 3296. He has been placed in general command of most State Security troops in the Magellanic theatre of operations.

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