The Thay Group of Corporations, often known simply as Thay Corporation, is a Terran industrial conglomerate, with diverse holdings in manufacturing, banking, and trading. Their manufacturing enterprises specialise in machine parts, aircraft and vehicles, protective gear, steel products, petrochemicals, and firearms. It is most famed for having specialised in caseless individual and vehicular weapons and contributed bids towards recent armaments contracts for service weapons in the Terran Imperial and later Republic militaries. However, its holdings are very diverse and robust, and it has survived these failed bids. Its firearms, also, have a strong market as specialist weapons for law enforcement and special forces groups.


The Thay Corporation was founded a consortium of businesses under the directorship of Thay Nhân Lo, a Vietnamese industrialist, in 2339. After thirty years of coordination, several members of the consortium began to consider departing the cartel. Thay leveraged a buyout of the member companies through allied business leaders and consolidated the group into the Thay Group. He passed the directorship of the company down his family line, and it has remained a business group structured like a zaibatsu. The individual companies are run semi-independently and are publicly traded. But the majority stocks in each are held by the Thay family, and they are all run as subsidiaries of the privately-owned holding corporation by whose name the group as a whole is often referred.

Over the course of a thousand years, the Thay Corporation has expanded its businesses into the Outer Colonies, the Marches, and other colonial regions to hold large resource exploitation and manufacturing facilities across former Terran space. Its headquarters remain in Hanoi, on Earth.

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