The State Security Forces, sometimes called the Security Forces of the Republic, are an armed, uniformed civil-paramilitary service of the Galactic government, administered by the Department of Field Operations within the Ministry of State Security. While the Security Forces are technically an armed service under the administration of the DFO, the two are treated as synonymous as all employees of the DFO are conferred ranks as servicemembers of the Security Forces. The Security Forces are the chief armed paramilitary wing of the Ministry of State Security, and have been given responsibility over many areas of strategic and political interest. The forces are also referred to in popular media as the Stormguard, referring to their motto and to a line in Maximilian's speech announcing the creation of the State Security centralised apparatus in 3270

The Field Operations section of State Security can trace its lineage to a number of past organisations, amongst them the the government intelligence agencies responsible for field intelligence and special operations, particularly the Imperial Strategic Intelligence Agency, as well as the National Volunteer Force, the paramilitary wing of the National Humanist Imperial Labor Party. In the closing phases of the 3260s and 3270s, during the pressures of the Great War, these government, political, and party organisations became unified under the new State Security apparatus. The Field Operations Agency was among the first sections, commanded by General William McGrady. The Security Forces continue to be under the command of McGrady, who is Director-General of Field Operations.

The Security Forces number around sixty-five billion service-members, of which roughly one-third are elite combat forces. The rest comprise intelligence units, support and service units, and political commissars which operate in the field. The latter are arguably the most famed and renowned branch of the Security Forces, the Inquisitor Corps, who are tasked with enforcing state political doctrine among the Armed Forces.

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