Siegfried Wednesday Metzger, 1st Prince of Xanten (born 31 April 3172) is a notorious corsair, privateer, knight-prince, and former space pirate who has operated in the Banat, Outer Colonies, and Rim regions of Terran space since the beginning of the 33rd century. His reputation as a privateer and the sensational circumstances of many stories regarding him have turned Metzger into a living legend or a figure of space folklore. His reputation has been enhanced by public reports on his activities as a condottieri and pirate during the colonial rebellions of the 3220s through 3260s, his corsair activities during the Great War against domestic pirates and criminals, and his actions during the Pirate War. Some commentators and historians have argued that his reputation as a vicious pirate is unjust, and founded largely in "tall tales". Others, however, point to numerous reports of brutality by Metzger and his compatriots, and in personal accounts of his eccentric and often violent behaviour towards allies and enemies alike.

He was created Prince of Xanten by Act of Congress in 3296 in recognition of his actions ten years prior, during the Pirate War, and more generally to recognise his achievements in fighting piracy over the course of several decades.

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