A Sector is a form of administrative division of the Central Galactic Union, composed of large astrographical regions of space which contain multiple star systems under a common administration. The terms of the Republic constitution stipulate that each Member World is an individual state of the Union. However, with just over 100 million member worlds and over 400 million colonies, the difficulty of administering central government policy and maintaining a peaceful Galactic order were readily apparent. Legislative acts by the Provisional Congress, particularly the Administrative Act of 3275, established Sector-level constituent bodies of the Union to manage all of the star systems and worlds federated to them. In practice, many of these sectors correspond to previous administrative districts of the nations and empires that united to form the Republic in 3275.

These Sectors act as the overarching administrative district for pan-Galactic social services, defence, and judiciary. Military units are structured as having a particular administrative district as its area of responsibility. Each district has been granted its own circuit courts of justice and courts of appeal. Trade and commerce commissions were organized for each district. Each Sector is governed by a magistrate titled Consul.


Sector governments are constituted as a commission of administrative officials, headed by a general administrator or federal magistrate titled Consul. Every social service provided by the Central Galactic Government has a sector-level administrator to manage the provision of services. These officers sit in committee to advise the Consul on the overall coordination of these services, while also reporting to their federal ministries. In addition, each Sector acts as a judicial district for circuit courts and courts of appeal, and as the astrographic basis for military districts. The regional commander of the military forces stationed in the Sector, and the federal judge for the Sector both sit on the governing commission of their Sector.

As federal administrators, Consuls have direct command authority over all Federal Colonies and Federal Territories that happen to fall within their Sector and ordinarily have limited command authority over member worlds in their Sectors. However, in the wake of the Keystone Incident and the Pirate War in the 3280s, the Public Security Act of 3286 provided that Consuls can exercise total command and occupational authority over member worlds in states of emergency.

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