Rupert Reuel Rycon (2 January 2101 - 30 August 2196) was a Lunar statesman, philosopher, political theorist, and Lunar independence leader during the 22nd century. He became one of the most dominant political figures on Earth's moon, leading the movement for independence and then serving several terms as head of government and head of state of a unified Lunar government. He was the first leader of an independent Lunar state, and is considered the founding father of the Lunar nation and is the founder of the Rycon dynasty. To this day, Earth's moon enjoys a special privileged status as an Autonomous District, in large part due to the efforts of Rupert Rycon and the Lunar independence movement in establishing for the moon a degree of autonomy and identity. His descendants claimed and hold the title Emperor of Luna, a title Rupert never sought for himself.

His political views changed during the course of his long public career. He espoused militant, revolutionary republicanism in his early years, which evolved into social democracy and liberalism during his tenure as head of the Lunar government during a time where peaceful coexistence with the UN was paramount. In his last decade in power, he curtailed his earlier liberal attitudes and became more conservative and hawkish, a contributing factor to the Interplanetary War. Rupert Rycon was assassinated in a terrorist bombing during the height of the war, an action later attributed to the Terran intelligence apparatus. The accusation has never been substantiated in over a thousand years of intermittent investigation.

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