The Prime Minister of the Republic is the chairperson of the Council of Ministers, the federal cabinet of the executive branch of Central Galactic Government. The Prime Minister is appointed by the Supreme Chancellor, on the advice and consent of the Central Galactic Congress. The Prime Minister nominally serves a six-year term, but may be dismissed by the Chancellor at their discretion and is subject to the confidence of the Congress. The Prime Minister is the Chancellor's chief deputy in cabinet matters, and generally manages the cabinet ministries and the immense federal civil service.

Role and powers

The office of the Prime Minister and their powers are outlined in the Central Galactic Constitution. The Prime Minister serves as Chairperson of the Council of Ministers, and is the administrative head of the federal executive. Per Article I of the Constitution, "The Prime Minister shall direct the actions of the Cabinet", and further administrative legislation has further refined the role, duties, and powers of the Prime Minister. In practice, the Prime Minister acts on the direction of the Supreme Chancellor, the chief of state.

Each year, the Prime Minister submits a budget proposal and a list of ministerial appointments to the Supreme Chancellor for approval. The Chancellor is then responsible for proposing these to the Congress each legislative term in February. The Prime Minister has the power to dismiss or suspend civil servants from their posts, and to suspend Ministers of State from their posts for a period of up to one year. However, only the Chancellor can demand the resignation of a Minister or unilaterally order their dismissal.


The Prime Minister is appointed by the Supreme Chancellor on the advice and consent of Congress. The Prime Minister is not required to be a member of the Congress, as the CGU does not operate under a strictly parliamentary form of government. However, the Prime Minister has often been a legislator, and their authority as head of the government partly depends on the confidence of the legislature. The Prime Minister is confirmed by the Congress pursuant to the Supreme Chancellor's nomination of a candidate. However, a Prime Minister is subject to dismissal by the Supreme Chancellor at any time.

List of Prime Ministers

  • Philip Rycon (2 February 3276 to 1 February 3288)
  • Lionel Ojibe, acting (1 February 3288 to 11 March 3288)
  • Shannon McGrady (11 March 3288 to present)
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