Philip Peregrine Rycon, 30th Emperor of Luna (born 8 July 3246), also known by his reign name and ordinal on Luna as Philip XV, is a Lunar and Terran nobleman, politician, and statesman who was instrumental in the founding of the Republic and has served in several high offices of state. He was the Republic's inaugural Prime Minister and First Consul from 3276 to 3288. He resigned both positions to concentrate on his ceremonial Lunarian duties and his responsibilities as leader of the Lunarian delegation in Congress.

Rycon is highly respected among both old-guard National Humanists and the general public for his able administration of the galactic government and for his commitment to National Humanist ideals and putting them into practice. In chairing the Council of Ministers and the College of Consuls, he acted as the primary point of contact between the Supreme Chancellor and the executive administrative officials in both federal and planetary levels of organisation.
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