The Personal Protection Bureau is a uniformed, armed paramilitary law enforcement and intelligence agency under the Republic Security Department responsible primarily for the protection of high-ranking elected and appointed officials and servants of the Central Galactic Government and of planetary and provincial governors. It provides personal security, investigation of assassination plots, counter-terrorist security, intelligence gathering, and domestic counter-intelligence operations. It also provides security for government buildings and offices, and operates several special projects and task groups for research and development into methods and technologies for counter-terrorism.

The Personal Protection Department (as it was known as between 3276 and 3293) developed out of several preceding Terran Imperial government agencies, primarily the Personal Imperial Guard. Elements of the Capital Police, the Domestic Security Agency, and the Imperial Strategic Intelligence Agency were merged along with protection units of the Party National Volunteer Force to create the Imperial Personal Protection Agency in early 3273. Prior to its inception, personal security was provided by the Imperial Guard under Xander Vox and the Imperial Security Main Agency under Henry Heavenly. Vox was made head of the newly-formed IPPA in January 3273. He simultaneously directed the PPD and the Republic Security Department from January 3281 to July 3282, when he departed to lead the RSD. His deputy in the PPD, Primus Lucan, was appointed to lead the department.

In 3293, the PPD was rolled into the RSD as a top-level bureau. It otherwise retained its structure.

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