Patrick David McGrady (born Patrick David Drake; 11 September 3208) is a Terran spacer business magnate, industrialist, philanthropist, investor, and media proprietor who is the current President and CEO of the McGrady Corporation. Patrick McGrady is among the wealthiest humans in the Galaxy, with his family's net worth exceeding the high trillions. The McGrady Corporation, which Patrick McGrady co-founded with his wife, is the largest business of its kind: a zaibatsu, wherein the conglomerated businesses and subsidiaries, which may or may not be publicly traded, are controlled by a privately- or family-owned holding company. The corporation is a direct descendant of the McGrady Financial Group and Drake Industries, the latter of which Patrick McGrady was the heir and later CEO of until the merger of the two in 3234. The McGrady Corporation under Patrick's stewardship has become enormous in its scope and importance.

Patrick married Shannon McGrady in 3233, whom he had met three years earlier at a political fund-raising event for Shannon's future run for the City Council. In interviews, Patrick recalls how immediately and deeply he fell in love with "her dark-haired beauty, her fierce wit, and her indomitable will". They have since had nine children, including State Security general William McGrady and Cardinal Cynthia McGrady. All of their children have gone on to excel in their respective fields and achieve fame. His youngest and favourite son David McGrady committed suicide in 3274, plunging him into a deep melancholy that lasted for years. Patrick has been frank and public with his struggle with depression as well as his son's, and has donated generously to awareness groups and has raised awareness himself on behalf of other depressives.

While Patrick has presented a public image of a genial, kind, and paternalistic corporate executive, a devoted father and husband, and a youthfully vigorous man in spite of his age, he has however been maligned in some tabloid media sources. Such media portray him as a ditzy, spoiled plutocrat or as a puppet of his politically-active wife. Few media portray him as malicious, but he is viewed in some circles as naive, easily-manipulated, or buffoonish. McGrady has publicly repudiated such portrayals and has repeatedly emphasized his formal education, his business success, and the authenticity of his attitude towards his family.

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