The 6th Armoured Strategic Security Corps, commonly referred to as Panzerkorps Kessar, is a State Security Forces formation which has seen extensive action in domestic and foreign conflicts, and is considered the première field unit of the Security Forces. It was mobilised in 3277 from the amalgamation of two Security Forces Legions under the command of then-Quaestor Brian Kessar, the most prestigious of which is the legendary Legio IX, a division of special operations-capable and air assault troops. It has served with distinction in unconventional warfare and police actions in the Milky Way to quell insurrectionist and alien remnant threats, and in a more conventional armoured warfare role in the Magellanic War. During its history, it has swelled to four augmented Legions and several smaller auxiliary units.

The unit was commanded by its founder and organiser, General Kessar, until his disappearance and presumed death in early 3285. Kessar led a section of Legionaries of the 9th as armed escort to a scientific expedition to the planet Chios, but he and most of his soldiers disappeared. The unit has since been commanded by Kessar's chief of staff, General Gwendolyn Fitzroy.

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