Mary Victoria, Terran Empress (born Mary Victoria Eugenia Sophia von Compton 31 May 3274), also Mary IV, is the incumbent Terran Empress. The daughter and only child of Lord Maximilian Compton, she was given the title Duchess of Saturn at birth, and became heiress to the Terran titulary. On 14 February 3292, she married Eta Rycon, and her father voluntarily abdicated all of his noble titles to her and she became the unofficial "first peer" of the Republic, a customary role held by the Terran Emperors.

Mary is seen as an conscientious and compassionate political advocate for social welfare and sustainable use of natural resources galaxy-wide, and she holds a seat in the Central Galactic Congress by hereditary right. She chairs the Select Committee for Privileges and sits on the Standing Committee for Human Services, the Select Committee on European Affairs, and the Standing Committee on Natural Resources.

In her role as hereditary Archon of Earth, she is also the head of state of the Earth Sphere Commonwealth. This is a largely symbolic role, as governing power is administered by the Secretary General, elected by the Earth Assembly.

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