The M1 Wolf field walker is a family of armoured mechanized walkers in service with the Central Galactic Union Army. Designed and built by a consortium of Defensive Fighting Systems, Hellfocker Arms, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the Wolf is the main combat walker utilised by the Union Army, and is considered the premiere example of the "field walker" concept. Unlike most previous models of general-purpose combat walker, the Wolf eschews integrated main weapon systems for manipulators capable of wielding disposable, reloadable armaments. This, among other modular design features, have made the Wolf a versatile weapon for various battle environments, though its baseline model is optimised for urban warfare. Introduced in 3286 to replace the Imperial-era MW-125 Wolverine medium walker, it became widely issued to cavalry units by 3291. By 3299, it has phased out almost all other medium-sized general purpose combat walkers. Other key features include a sophisticated suite of sensors and target acquisition equipment, a pair of nuclear-powered turbine engines for long operational ranges, and improved synthetic muscle joints for mobility and speed.

The Wolf is equipped with some integral secondary armament in the form of two 7.92mm rotary machine guns, two 25mm automatic cannons, and four MGR-7 rocket tubes, primarily for antipersonnel use and defence in situations where the Wolf's main weapons are inoperable or not present. Most of the chassis is armoured with light plating of boron carbide ceramic, with flexible areas protected by carbon nanoweave fabric joint covers, and by a kinetic barrier with a burst rating of 14.5 GJ. This makes the Wolf capable of resisting the first shot from a APFSDS tank round and resisting small arms fire. Certain variants also include reactive armour modules to further resist anti-armour weapons.

Several versions of the Wolf have been produced and fielded, with the most common being the upgraded and all-terrain M1E Main Combat Walker.

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