Rifle Squad A, 1st Platoon, Company C of the 505th Dragoons Battalion, popularly known as the "Lonely Hearts" squad, was a small military unit during the Great War. The unit was component of the illustrious 12th Guards Cavalry Division, a heavy armoured assault division of the Terran Imperial Army. It was one of the best-known small units of the Terran Imperial Army during its period of existence (approximately 3264 to 3275). It also has the distinction of being one the few squad-sized units to be widely known and decorated. It contained several persons of note during its existence, among them future State Security general William McGrady.

On paper, it was simply a rifle squad of an armoured infantry battalion. However, the squad's exploits and persistence in survival earned it a place of legend among Army personnel. Led initially by SSG Edward Malcolm Pepper, it became utilized as the linchpin in numerous engagements during the war, in part because of its growing reputation and seeming "good luck".

The unit's luck ran out in late 3267, when many of its members were killed in action during the Battle of Khoz, including Staff Sergeant Pepper, and it came under the temporary command of Corporal Artem Meshcheryakov. The unit was reconstituted under the command of SGT Aurora Beaumont soon after, and it remained intact through much of the war's duration. Upon Sergeant Beaumont's transfer to a staff NCO position in the 505th dragoons, the unit came under the command of SGT Ophelius Greene. It remained under Sergeant Greene's command until the 12th Guards Cavalry was demobilized after the end of the war. With the remobilisation of the 12th Cavalry Division, the division as a whole was named the "Lonely Hearts division" in honour of the squad's heroism.

It remains the single most densely-decorated unit in the history of the now-defunct Terran Imperial Army, with every member having been awarded the Iron Cross, War Merit Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, and Bronze and Silver Stars as well as numerous campaign ribbons and combat service awards, such as the Close Combat Badge and Assault Badge in high grades.

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