The Jericho riots, also called the Jericho Incident, the Rome riots, or the St Valentine's Eve riots were a series of civil disturbances that took place in the city of Rome, the Vatican City State, and the surrounding metropolitan area from 13 to 16 February 3295. The riots, beginning on the night of February 13th, were the result of terrorist action orchestrated by media mogul Lucio Bianchi and a group of conspirators loyal to him. Bianchi's agents initiated a power outage, caused by an electromagnetic pulse weapon, which in turn led to widespread looting. However, Bianchi's actions were the culmination of a series of public protests and demonstrations against perceived political and financial corruption in both the Roman municipal government and the in the government of the neighboring Vatican City State, which are believed to be strongly connected phenomena, as well as tensions between the people of Rome and the citizens of the Vatican. As such, the looting was accompanied by both armed and unarmed demonstrators.

The initial riot occurred during the night of the 13th and continued into the morning of the 14th of February. Street gangs joined with the rioters and looters, causing a chaotic situation that quickly escalated. Various crimes were being committed, including several acts of arson, murder, and sexual assault. The Vatican Guard and the Roman Municipal Police failed to quell the disturbance, and they requested assistance from the Union government. Elements of the State Security Forces, the Protection Forces, and the Security Service were deployed to Rome. Present also was the Interstellar Police's elite Silver Team unit, who was already conducting a criminal investigation involving Bianchi when the riots broke out. Security Forces director William McGrady personally led a battalion of troops in the suppression of the rioting. By noon on the 14th, the riot had dispersed and looting had ceased. Secondary demonstrations and protests were dispersed by riot police over the following three days.

The Jericho riots were the most deadly incidents of civil violence on Earth in almost half a century. Over 400 rioters were killed by security troops, along with 450 civilians due to gunfire, arson, stabbings, and vehicular incidents. Over 3,000 injuries were reported, mostly to civilians by the various factions of rioters. Some 15,000 people were arrested in connection to the violence and looting; around 1,000 were summarily executed by the Security Service for various crimes. Most of those arrested were released, but around 2,000 were sentenced to varying prison terms for their crimes.

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