Fitzwilliam Jessica Jack Alexandria Kaayla Patrick Hilary Jordan Jensen (born 31 October 3232), often known mononymously by their surname Jensen owing to their gender fluidity and constant name-changing, is a Terran colonial businessperson, entrepreneur, and artist who is the current President, CEO, and Proprietor of Jensen and Company, a privately-held conglomerate with interests in light industry, medicine, interstellar shipping, real estate investment, financial services, hospitality, arts and entertainment, and property management. Jensen's business interests started with the manufacture and sale of high-quality medical equipment, particularly of cybernetics, and a widespread interstellar shipping network. After successes in the 3250s in growing their shipping business, their interests expanded into real estate, particularly hotels and property management, and came to own large amounts of prime real estate on their homeworld of Keystone as well as other colony worlds; the "shining jewel" the Jensen property portfolio became the Seraphim Grand Orbital Resort, completed in 3261 in the orbit of Keystone. The resort was a noted attraction in the otherwise backwater colony for over twenty years, until its destruction in a terrorist attack in November 3284; it was rebuilt by the end of the 3280s, and the second resort still orbits Keystone.

In addition to their business interests, Jensen has branched out as an avant-garde visual and recording artist and has exhibited their art and music in several galleries, nightclubs, coffeehouses, and museums, some of which are owned and operated by their company. Much of their music is, however, not legally available for commercial sale and is experienced in the context of Jensen's art exhibitions.

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