Hilary Alice McGrady (born 1 May 3249) is a Terran Spacer actress, singer, songwriter, author, director, and producer of stage and film. Recognized as a film and fashion icon of the 3260s and 70s, her popularity has endured through further decades. From her early days as a child star, she became a famed and powerful media personality. She is also famed for her glamorous lifestyle and natural beauty. Her thick black curly locks, dark blue eyes, and snow-white skin became much-imitated by her fellow actresses and in general fashion culture.

She first earned fame as a supporting actress in several films produced by MGM, an ancient Terran film production studio. Her performance in the 3261 remake of Miracle on 34th Street is lauded as contributing towards that film's critical and commercial success. She would become the youngest actress to be nominated for and win the Academy Award for Best Actress by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The film reinvigorated the declining MGM into a robust, interstellar film production company once more.

In her later career, she has thrice won the Academy Award for Best Actress: for portraying Matilda, a military nurse who volunteered for the special forces during the Cruxite War in the 3274 period war film Soft Blows the Storm; for portraying heroine Scarlett O'Hara in the 3279 modernized adaptation/reimagining of Gone With The Wind; and for portraying dual roles as headstrong antimatter mining magnate Claire St. Claire and as Claire's mother Lenore in flashback sequences in 3289's Best Picture Oscar winner Thimbles, which she wrote, directed, and produced, as well as starred in. She was twice nominated for the award in other years, for her role as actress Siri Palomino in the 3277 romantic comedy Palomino's Horses, and as action heroine Jane McClane in the 3288 remake of Die Hard. She has won Best Director twice, in 3289 for Thimbles and in 3299 for The Waste Land. Since her breakout success in 3261, she has reportedly "never settled for a supporting role" in film and has consequently never been nominated for or won a Best Supporting Actress award. She and the films she has starred in have won other awards for acting, writing, and production from other cinematic academies and boards, but the AMPAS awards remain the most prestigious victories of her career.

In the 3260s, she also ventured into a stage career, becoming most noted for her versions of Lady Macbeth in the run for Shakespeare's Macbeth performed at the Imperial Theatre from 3266 to 3268. She has performed also in several other stage plays, musicals, and one opera before returning to her film career in the mid-3270s. In the 3290s, she returned to the stage as a producer and director before again resuming her film hereer.

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