Prince Geoffrey, Duke of Uranus (born Geoffrey John Francis Compton, 6 September 3250) is a Terran prince, politician, and soldier who served as Minister of War in the Central Galactic Government from 3288 to 3296. Previously, he served as a flight officer, staff officer, and commanding general in the Terran and then Central Galactic Air Forces. He served as the Vice Chief of the Air Staff from 3284 to 3288. In professional and civil life, he goes by the name Geoffrey Compton.

He is the second son and third child of the late Emperor Francis Charles XII, and is the younger brother of Maximilian Compton. He was conferred the title Duke of Uranus, customary for the third child of a Terran emperor, in 3264. He became an air officer in 3274 and and led in a bomber squadron near the end of the Great War. He served in several staff appointments with EARAD until being appointed as an aide-de-camp to the Air Staff in 3278. He was appointed Vice Chief in 3284 under the personal request of Chief of the Air Staff Nestor Gordon. After a four-year statutory term as Vice Chief, he was placed into the reserves and was appointed Minister of War, following the resignation of Minister Liu Calvin. His push for technological superiority and aggressive strategy led to considerable gains in the Magellanic War, but the successful enemy counteroffensive in 3295 and the subsequent incursion in the Milky Way became an embarrassment and he was forced to resign as Minister of War. He was reactivated for Air Force service and appointed Superintendent of the Royal Air Academy.

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