Frederick William Voss (16 September 3232 – 6 November 3295) was a German-Terran statesman, bureaucrat, administrator, and State Security general officer who served as Minister of State Security until he was removed and tried for treason against the Republic.

Voss led the State Security apparatus since its amalgamation in 3270, having previously been simultaneous commander of the Imperial Strategic Intelligence Agency, the Imperial Investigations Agency, the Domestic Security Agency, and the Imperial Space Police from 3269. He had also served from 3269 to 3275 in the political leadership of the National Volunteer Force, the paramilitary division of the National Humanist Imperial Labor Party, and as Chief of Party Security, and had been from 3261 the head of the Earth Division of the NVF. Recognised for his administrative skills, adherence to National Humanist ideology, and loyalty to the Imperial and later Republican government, Voss was appointed Minister of State Security when the ISSD was separated from the Ministry of the Interior to operate as its own government ministry in 3275.

His tenure ended in July 3295 when he was implicated in an extensive conspiracy against the Republic, and evidence arose that he was in contact with Resistance leaders. He was removed from office and tried for treason, being sentenced to death. He was hanged on 6 November 3295.

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