The Fenian Daggers are a space gang and mercenary band that is a chartered member of the Honourable Galactic Corsair Company, and previously operated as a space pirate and organised crime syndicate. The gang has been dominated by working-class and middle-class ethnically Irish and Anglo colonialists and spacers, though it has attained a large base of clients and associates from other ethnic groups and social classes. The organisation has been led by John Patrick McGrady since its inception in the early 3260s.



The Fenian Daggers have its roots in several ethnically Irish space gangs and criminal organisations operating throughout the Outer Colonies, Inner Colonies, and other Terran Imperial provinces. These gangs occasionally made loose confederations for profit and operations, but these rarely lasted more than a few years. In the 3240s through 3260s, a major war on criminal and seditious activity weakened these and other criminal groups. However, it disproportionately affected other gangs and syndicates, such as those of Orionese origin that operated in Terran space. In the early 3260s these groups were prepared to band together for survival and coordination, but required a certain level of funds and political connections that they lacked on a large, trans-system scale.

This all changed in 3266 when John McGrady arose within these gangs as a unifying figure. Though he refused to utilise his family's money, his name carried weight and friends of the family in business and politics were apt to listen to him. Using this pull, he became head of an Outer Colonies space gang composed of Irish, Anglo, and North American colonial settlers around 3264. His political connections and protection gave temporary relief to many other space gangs who came to him for protection and assistance. In 3266, the first references to a group calling themselves the "Fenian Daggers" emerged in social media and newspapers. It is now known that this group served as a structured confederation of various other gangs.


Between 3266 and 3276, these groups consolidated around John McGrady and his central organisation. The group allegedly utilised business and government contacts to thoroughly infiltrate and corrupt many planetary governments. The chaos of the Great War gave them unprecedented levels of access to these new sources of power. The attempts by State Security and homefront agencies to curb violent and organised crime forced the Fenian Daggers to clandestinely pursue their criminal activities. The enormous sums of money generated by their illegal revenues were consolidated and spent strategically to ensure the syndicate's effective and secret infiltration of colonial society.

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