The Empire of Sagittarius was an empire in Milky Way galaxy which existed from 2774 to 3275. It was the successor to the Sagittarian Republic, founded in 2504. The Sagittarian reputation was that of a federative, capitalist, and cosmopolitan human-dominated space empire which welcomed aliens more than the other human states, especially in comparison to the Terran Empire. This appeasement policy lessened from the 3000s onwards as anti-alien sentiment grew. Throughout its history, the Sagittarians hosted several large alien reservations as autonomous, federally-administered regions.

For much of its history, the Sagittarian state presented itself as a rival to the Terran state as the "galactic face of humanity". Partly as a result of the long civil war with the rebellious Sagittarian Free State, it eventually lost this rivalry and became a strong ally of the Terran Empire in the 3000s. By the 3200s, it was solidly aligned to the policy of human unification under the ISTO alliance. Under the direction of a liberal-conservative and National Humanist coalition government, it entered into the Great War with the other members of the ISTO in 3265. At the end of the conflict, it was dissolved and its worlds were part of the Central Galactic Union.

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