Earth Aerospace Defence Command, abbreviated EARAD, is a major command of the Central Galactic Union Air Force that provides air and space warning, air sovereignty, and air defence for the entirety of the Earth Sphere. The EARAD Headquarters is located in Petersen Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. Its commander is an Air Chief Marshal and its deputy commander is an Air Marshal.


The EARAD main HQ has overall command, but immediate operational response is delegated to the Continental Air Defence Commands (abbreviated CONAD). These each are commanded by a Vice Marshal with an Air Force General as their deputy commander. Each CONAD has their own secondary command centres for operations and has responsibility over a geographic area. Orbital defence is handled directly by the main HQ rather than delegated to a sub-command.

The regional commands are:

  • North American Air Defence Command (NORAD), headquartered in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado, a hardened mountain bunker and command centre nearby to the main HQ. It has operational command over air defence for North America and the Arctic Circle.
  • South American and Caribbean Air Defence Command (SACAD), headquartered in the Saint-Marcel Defence Complex in Guyana, deep in the Guyana highlands. It controls air defence operations for South America, Central America, and the Caribbean islands.
  • Atlantic Air Defence Command (AADCOM), headquartered at Ascension Air Station in the South Atlantic. It has air defence control over the North and South Atlantic Oceans.
  • Air Defence Forces Africa (ADFA), headquartered at Cairo Air Base in northern Egypt, commands air defence for the entire continent of Africa.
  • European Air Defence Forces (EURAIR), headquartered at Ramstein Air Base in the Bavarian Rhineland. It has operational control over air defences in Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, and the Black Sea.
  • Eastern Asian Air Command (EASIACOM), headquartered in Nanjing at the Jiangsu Air Force Base. Has operational command over air defences for China, Japan, Indochina, the Himalayas, and Siberia.
  • Central and Western Asian Air Command (CWAAC), with defence responsibilities over Central Asian steppes, Persia, the Middle East, Arabia, the Hindu Kush range, and the Indian subcontinent. It is headquartered in Samarkand Air Base.
  • Australasian and Pacific Defensive Air Forces (APDAF), headquartered at the Canberra Air Base in Australia. It has air defence command over Australia and New Zealand, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific OCean, including most of the Melanesian, Micronesian, and Polynesian Islands, as well as the Malay Archipelago. It is, by area of responsibility, the largest air command on the planet.
  • Air Forces Antarctica (AFANT), headquartered at Pegasus Air Base, has command over Antarctica and the surrounding Southern Ocean.
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