The Dreadnought class space battleship is a class of manned combat spacecraft in service with the Central Galactic Space Forces. The lead ship of her class was named after an ancient Earth oceangoing combat ship, whose name is a contraction of "Dread nought but God," referring to the ship's perceived invulnerability and strength. At a length of 2000.5 meters, a beam and draft of 443 meters (1273 meters with towers included), and a fully-loaded mass of 16,371,745 tons, it is among the largest class of mobile, manned combat spacecraft in service, surpassed only by the Lohengrin class supercarriers at 8,334 meters and 630,000,000 tons. Instead of the magnetoplasmadynamic fusion reactors utilised by most other military spacecraft, the Dreadnought class introduced and uses the state-of-the-art RR-385 Aneutronic Fusion/Solar Furnace Reactor. This powerplant affords it power generation and usage an order of magnitude higher than previous spacecraft, allowing the Dreadnought to maintain an "all-big gun" armament of X-ray frequency laser turrets, powerful antimatter beam-core thrusters, high-power energy shields, and a rapid-recharge Alcubierre jump drive.

All craft of its class are built by a consortium of Blohm Drive Yards, the McGrady Corporation, and Boeing Space Defense, at several orbital and deep space construction yards.

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