Rear Admiral Sir Damien Daniels KMT KIC (incepted 30 April 2658), is a robot and Space Forces admiral of some renown who has been a leading figure in the development and employment of special operations and unconventional warfare in modern times. Built for use in the Imperial Space Navy as a combat operations analyst, he elected to have his neural network transferred to a physical, mobile platform and join the Naval Special Warfare branch as a LASS (Land, Air, Sea, and Space) operator. Ever since, he has become one of the most decorated Naval combat personnel of the space infantry.

Prior to his leading role in modern special operations, he was a member of the legendary Beaumont's Raiders unit during the Great War. He broke from the unit to form his own special task force, the Devil's Sons in 2668. He commanded the unit directly for twenty one years. In 2695 he was promoted to Rear Admiral and placed in command of several primary Naval Special Warfare units operating in the Magellanic theatre, clustered under the Naval Special Warfare Group Magellan.

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