Supreme Admiral Charles Wilkins Taylor, 1st Baron Taylor of Wifsbury GCMT GSIC OV OM (1 April 3214 – 30 December 3298) was a Terran colonial military officer and space admiral who was a decisive field and staff commander during the Great War and served since 3290 as Chief of Space Operations and nominal commander of the Space Forces staff. Between the Great War and his appointment as CSO, he served as commander of NAVCOM Sol from 3275 to 3279 and led the military forces in Operation Crassus, as well as various commands of space forces an the Extragalactic Exploratory Fleet in 3288.

After the start of the war, he was appointed as the principal space warfare deputy to General York in the Special High Command for the Magellanic Clouds. He served in this role until 3290, when he was appointed Chief of Space Operations. He insisted in command space forces in combat, during both his time under General York and during his overall command of the Spacy. He personally led a strike fleet in a retaliatory bombing of Vera IX in late 3298. His fleet was destroyed during the orbital battle after having completed their primary mission goals.

He was replaced by Jerome Khor, a prominent field commander. Lord Taylor was succeeded to his barony by his eldest child, Wilfred Benedict Taylor.

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