Bastian Arthur MacBeth (born 11 August 3220) is a Terran colonial police general and State Security official. He was the Director-General of the National Police Department during that department's existence from 3276 to 3286. After the dissolution of the NPD and its amalgamation into the Republic Security Department, MacBeth was appointed chief of the Central State Police Agency. He continues to hold the directorship of the State Police and holds the rank of Chief of Police.

Prior to his upper-level service, he was an inspector and detective of the Imperial Space Police and became the Chief Inspector for the Inner Sphere province's criminal police in the early 3260s. By 3268 he had come to the attention of Imperial police and security director Frederick Voss, and was appointed to the command staff of the Imperial Space Police and then as its Chief Commissioner. In 3270 he became head of the Galactic Space Police, which was made a component of the broader police agency of the new Republic. He presided over the NPD until its dissolution in 3286. The autonomous police agencies of member worlds and colonies were placed under the oversight of the Central State Police Agency, and MacBeth was appointed its chief.

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