Augustus IX (born Fryderyk August Stanisław Jozef Sask [Frederick Augustus Stanislas Joseph

Augustus III (born Fryderyk August Stanisław Jozef Sask [Frederick Augustus Stanislas Joseph the Saxon] on 17 January 3211) is a Terran nobleman, military commander, and is the 128th and current King of Poland. Descended from the senior line of the House of Wettin, whose junior Gessaphe line hold the title King of Saxony, August Sask was born into Terran aristocracy as the heir to the Polish royal titles, and was conferred the title Grand Duke of Krakow.

However, he shunned the privileged lifestyle of famed nobility in favour of a military career. Enlisting in the space forces, he attended the Imperial Academy and became an operations officer on a combat craft. He was given command of his own vessel, and later of a destroyer squadron, and proved himself in battle during the Cruxite War and established his reputation as one of the fiercest and most capable combat leaders in the Imperial Space Navy. He was promoted to Rear Admiral in 3238 and Vice Admiral in 3246, among the youngest officers in the Space Navy.

He served in command of a naval battle group until 3250, when his father passed away. He volunteered for transfer to the Imperial Army to serve in and command the 7th Guards Uhlans, the "Polish Lancers" regiment. He later was made a Major General in charge of the illustrious 12th Guards Cavalry Division. At the outbreak of the Great War, he took command of both the 3rd Cavalry Army and the 99th Strike Flotilla, exerting complete strategic and operational command of the land and space forces of those units. Under his command, they operated as a seamless combined force, which contributed greatly to the Imperial victory at the Battle of Khoz. He continued to command these units until the close of the war, and was lauded as a hero. His style of command and control, the methodology of combined space-ground forces, was implemented as a major operational reform in the Imperial, and later Republic, military.

After the war, he was appointed commander of the 10th Army Group, nicknamed the "Polish Rifles", and commander of the 2nd Fleet, nicknamed the "Polish Fleet". Both nicknames are in reference to their commander's status and title, not to the ethnic composition of their personnel. Both units are a combined strike command with operational capabilities for rapid deployment and action. It was among the first set of units mobilized for combat in the Magellanic War.

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