Arthur III (Arthur David George William, born 4 June 3228) is a Terran nobleman and statesman who is current and 60th King of Great Britain and Ireland. He is sometimes referred to by his legal name Arthur Windsor. From his accession to the titles of Great Britain in 12 September 3261, he served as Lord High Chamberlain of the Terran Empire, an important high office of state. He is one of twelve Kings whose titles derive from the splitting of the Commonwealth Crown of the House of Windsor in 2340. As King of Great Britain, he holds the presidency of the Windsor Royal Association, a formal house association of kings and nobles of the House of Windsor and its predecessor royal houses, the House of Hanover and the House of Stuart. He served in the Terran House of Lords from his age of majority to the dissolution of the Terran Empire. He holds a hereditary seat in the Central Galactic Congress due to possessing a peerage of royal rank. In 3261, upon his accession to the British royal title, he became Hereditary Governor of the British Isles. After the abolition of hereditary governorships in 3270, he was appointed on merit to serve as governor for a six-year term. He has been reappointed in 3276, 3282, 3288, and 3294.

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